With my daughter, Laurel, at Melody Holler Farm, on assignment at Snowville Creamery



I grew up in Florida and moved to Cleveland as a young newlywed, fresh out of grad school, in 1993 when my husband was offered a job here. We really truly immediately fell in love with this city, and have remained some of its biggest fans through all of the ups and downs of the past 25 years.

With a background in modeling along with a marketing degree and an MBA, my love for visual storytelling finally led me to head back to school once my two kids were in school themselves. After a brief stint living in New Zealand, I came home inspired and ready to get to work.

Most of my assignments are on location, telling the stories of our region's passionate hard-working people. I also shoot for a small selection of some of the city's most incredible restaurants and chefs.

I have studio space at Lake Affect Studios on E. 25th St. in downtown Cleveland. You can reach me at k.mckenna@mac.com or 440-376-8358.